8 Tips for the Great Tailgate

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There is nothing better than carving turns in spring corn before grilling delicious food in the back of a pickup truck. The Great Tailgate at Sunday River celebrates spring like no other party, with live music, cornhole, and of course, lots and lots of grub in the Barker parking lot. So, to make the most of your weekend tailgate plans, we’ve compiled tips and tricks for tailgate success.


  1. Choose your food wisely
    Whether you’re grilling bratwurst or snacking on chips with guac, be sure that your cooler is restocked with ice (or snow) frequently, and that your cooked food isn’t sitting too long in the sun. There’s no rule about waiting 30 minutes to ski after you eat, so chow down!
  2. Shade is key
    While we all want to perfect our goggle tan at this point in the season, it’s important not to get too much sun. Bring a pop-up tent, a hat, and a pair of shades or goggles to keep you protected, plus some SPF. Those springtime rays are strong.
  3. Bring a spare pair of shoes
    Let’s face it: milling around in your ski boots is not fun, plus springtime parking lots can get muddy very fast. Bring a pair of shoes to change into to enjoy your tailgate time off the slopes. We recommend Bean Boots or flip flops—your choice.
  4. Get creative
    For the first annual Great Tailgate, groups were asked to follow a theme: Sunday River Trail Names, and a barnyard bash dedicated to Kansas stole the show. This year’s theme is Fourth of July, so get cracking on ‘Merica decorations and food, folks.
  5. The more the merrier
    Tailgating is best when you’re surrounded by friends. Pile into a few cars and set up shop across a few parking spaces. Leave the brews in one, the snacks in another, and the grill behind the pickup truck.
  6. Party responsibly
    We’re all about having a good time, but drinking and skiing, let alone driving, is just not an option. Alternate your adult beverages with water, and think about booking a ski and stay package on-mountain so you can take the shuttle back to your nighttime abode. Buying your designated driver’s lift ticket isn’t a half bad idea either.
  7. Bring your A-game
    What’s a spring party without some lawn games? Our personal favorite is the casual cornhole tournaments that pop up between dueling tailgate teams, but we’ve seen KanJam, hula hoops, and horseshoes too.
  8. Leave the speakers at home
    Live music is way better anyway. The Great Tailgate stage, set up in front of the Snowflake Factory, bumps the beats for all of your musical needs and we’re certain that the Northside Ramblers will take care of you.
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