A Peek at Full Moon Dinners

The Peak Lodge, Sunday River’s mid-mountain eatery, is located 2,100 feet above sea level and can only be accessed by a ride on the Chondola lift. There’s no better way to take in the full moons of July, August, and September than from a mountaintop in Western Maine’s Mahoosuc Range. Period. End of story.

Okay, I’ll indulge you with a few more details if I must.

Full Moon Dinners use both the Farmer’s Almanac and seasonal flavors to build that night’s menu. July’s full moon, the Buck Moon is so named because it is the month when bucks grow new antlers; August’s Sturgeon Moon reflects the best month to catch these fish in New England; and the Harvest Moon in September correlates with both the corn and barley harvests.


Each Full Moon Dinner includes a scenic ride in a gondola cabin on Sunday River’s Chondola lift, located at South Ridge. I am by no means a fashion expert, but I do know a thing or two about getting on and off a chairlift. You’ll want to leave the evening gown and 6-inch heels at home because the cabin does not stop, and it’s a short walk to and from the lodge. Go for comfortable and casual, and be sure to have an extra layer on hand for a cool summer’s eve walk after dinner.

Upon arrival to the Peak Lodge around 6:30PM, guests are met with an al fresco cocktail reception on the patio before entering into the lodge for dinner. Don’t worry—mocktails are available too. The family-friendly feast begins at 7PM, and is followed by live entertainment, so you can eat, drink, and get down with your bad self.


Your night in the mountains concludes with a Chondola ride back to the bottom. Your bellies will be full and you’ll be thinking about your head hitting the pillow, but don’t let the hum of the chairlift get to you. This is the best time to view the full moon, as you ride through the air in your cherry red chariot.

Full Moon Dinners are $39 for adults, $14 for kids ages 6-12, and free for kids 5 and under. For safety reasons, werewolves are asked not to attend Full Moon Dinners. To book, call 800-543-2754 or make your reservation online.

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