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Nora McCormack and Matt Stagliano are two of my favorite people to work with at Sunday River—though they technically work for Outside TV. Minor details. Nora, the newly appointed station manager, has been with Sunday River TV 7 for over ten years, while Matt, the show’s host, is the new kid on the block. But what you might not know is that they’re in an awesome co-habitational relationship. Here’s what happens when two people who spend literally all of their time together answer the same questions separately.

How did you meet?
Nora: Ha, um, we both lived in Bethel and it’s a very small town. You get to know everybody.
Matt: We met while I was DJing at the Funky Red Barn. She came up and hung around far too long. So, I figured something was up.

Who’s the better snowboarder?
Nora: Me.
Matt: Nora, by far. By orders of magnitude, Nora.

What’s the best part about working together?
Nora: He knows how I take my coffee.
Matt: She does all the work and makes it easy. She knows her stuff inside and out.

The worst?
Nora: He knows how I take my coffee and constantly messes it up.
Matt: She knows everything inside and out, so if it’s not done her way, it’s the highway.

What big changes at SRTV 7 are you most excited about for this season?
Nora: Excuse me, I’m burping. Throw that in there. In the past we’ve only done shows on weekends and holiday weeks, but this year, I’m introducing Good Morning, Sunday River, airing Monday through Friday on non-vacation weeks starting after Christmas.
Matt: The organization of the wiring from a technology standpoint, and having a little bit of OCD about the cords. I’m most excited about not tripping over a rat’s nest of wires.

What does he/she bring to the table in the studio?
Nora: Besides his majestic beard, he is a very talented photographer and video guy. He has a really artistic eye, and it’s going to be exciting to get a fresh set of eyes in the station. He just started hosting the show and has blown me away by his ability to put guests at ease, to carry on natural conversations with people while under the lights and in front of the cameras. He’s a fantastic host and is exceeding any and all expectations.
Matt: Ten years of experience. She’s a phenomenal editor and I’ve seen her work magic with some clips that were less than stellar, usually from my doing with filming. Her editing is amazing. And, her ability to connect with our customers. People trust her for some reason.

What event are you most looking forward to shooting this year?
Nora: Pond-a-Palooza! It’s always a crowd pleaser. As long as my camera stays dry, then I stay happy. And as long as I’m happy, everyone’s happy!
Matt: College Week, because I’ve heard if you can survive that, then anything else is a piece of cake. Just for the sheer experience of it—of having to film instead of partying. But probably the most fun thing will be Pond-a-Palooza.

Any inside scoop on new segments for the shows?
Nora: We are bringing back Junk in the Trunk, brought to you by the Good Food Store and Smokin’ Good BBQ. Basically, you might see us out in the parking lots on a busy Saturday morning, cameras in tow, harassing people and asking what’s in their trunk. We want to see all the weird stuff—the good, the bad, and the ugly.
Matt: I’d like to see us profiling more people who make Sunday River work. I’d like to get out with the snowmakers, groomers, lift operators, and people in the kitchens. Everything that makes this machine work often gets overlooked by how much snow is outside. I want to recognize the people who do all of that.

Who can eat a cinnamon bun faster?
Nora: Matt, hands down. I like to savor it. It will take me a solid ten minutes. With him, you blink and it’s gone. It’s all in his beard.
Matt: I’ve seen Nora eat a cinnamon bun in three bites. I can’t do that, but she has these squirrel-capacity cheeks that can really get things in there. It’s unholy, really.

Which of your collective three dogs would make the best guest on the live show?
Nora: Matt’s dog—Naima—she has a far more calm temperament, where mine would be running around, chewing on cables, and wreaking complete and utter havoc. They’re just like Mom!
Matt: Moxie. It’s an endless source of comedy. A tongue will fall out, there will be random drooling, eyes going different directions. She’s a side show with a tail.


Prediction time: Who will win the crazy car count this season?
Nora: I gotta say, it will be a tough bet. The Matterhorn is always the strong winner, but this year, we have Rockin’ and Roastin’ in the mix. They have some great bands lined up. It will be tight, but my guess is still the Matterhorn.
Matt: You know, the dark horse, and where I’m putting my money is Rockin’ and Roastin’. I know the Matterhorn is always the biggie, but you’ve got the new girl in town status, plus a lot of rock shows.

Do you have any PG-13 nicknames for each other?
Nora: Um…no. We’ll skip that one.
Matt: No, they’re all filthy. Just kidding. I don’t even think we have nicknames for each other. It’s just “you,” and “hey.”

What would happen if you switched roles in the studio for a day?
Nora: You’d have a terrible host and the programming would go awry.
Matt: Besides Time Warner pulling the plug on the broadcast itself? Nora would completely melt down on camera; however, you would never see it because I wouldn’t be able to work the controls well enough to broadcast. You’d have a black screen for an hour and a half.

Who is more likely to make you late and why?
Nora: My dog Moxie. She is just an a-hole.
Matt: She works on what we call “Nora Time.” If we need to be somewhere at 5:30 in the morning, we typically leave by 5:45AM and try to drive fast enough to travel back in time.

If you could give him/her a super power, what would it be?
Nora: The ability to get my coffee right.
Matt: She already is relatively super heroic. Is organization a super power?

Describe him/her as if you’re talking to someone who has never seen him/her?
Nora: Tall, dark, handsome…awkward. Bearded.
Matt: This has to be PG-13 too, right? Okay. Imagine if you will, riding a unicorn across a desert of joy. You come to an oasis of fantastic-ness. The spring filling that oasis comes from a high land. That high land of magic and wonder would be Nora. Or, a little cup of sunshine.


What’s the most shocking thing you’ve learned about him/her?
Nora: I don’t know if there is anything shocking anymore.
Matt: She’s broken her back twice. Look how shocked you are.

Does he/she snore?
Nora: Not as loud as I do.
Matt: They call her Snora. That pre-dates me. It’s a condition.

And now for some word association.

Nora: Not Me.
Matt: Not Nora.

Nora: Pie.
Matt: Balloon—Moxie has a weird thing on her chest and we call it her meat balloon…

Nora: Dead.
Matt: Dead.

Matt: Comfortable.

To catch up with Nora and Matt’s antics, watch Wake Up, Sunday River at 7:30AM on Saturdays, Sundays, and vacation weeks, and Good Morning, Sunday River  Monday through Friday at 8AM after Christmas.

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