Do and Don’t: Ski Maynia

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Every year, Sunday River closes out its winter season with free skiing, which typically falls on the first weekend in May. Skiers, snowboarders, snowbladers, and monoboarders are invited to take to the slopes of Barker Mountain for a day of free shredding to celebrate the end of another awesome season, and to segue into the final stretches of spring before summer hits the mountain. Welcome to Ski Maynia.


And while free skiing sounds more wonderful than anything in the world, there’s a few things on our do and don’t list that we’d like to share with you:

Do enjoy the sunshine on Barker deck.
Don’t forget to wear sunscreen.

Do dress up in a crazy outfit.
Don’t show too much skin in case you fall and get snow rash.

Do plan to ski more advanced terrain.
Don’t ski outside of your abilities for the free ticket.

Do bring a picnic to enjoy in the parking lot.
Don’t forget the condiments.

Do invite all of your friends.
Don’t invite Negative Nancy, Debby Downer, or Joe Shmo.

Do thank a snowmaker, groomer, ticket checker, parking attendant, and basically anyone wearing a Sunday River name tag.
Don’t give them a limp handshake.

Do enjoy your last day of the season.
Don’t forget to purchase your New England Pass for next winter so we can do it all again next year!

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