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If you’re playing I Spy on the slopes this season, you’re probably seeing quite a lot of stylish yet functional eyewear. This year, Sunday River partnered with Spy Optic, and Team Snow is really seeing and skiing the difference with a variety of Spy goggles.

Most notably, Spy offers the Happy Lens, which promotes a positive mood by only allowing long wave blue light through the lens itself, and blocks out other harmful rays. It’s basically like putting an Instagram filter over your eyes to make your day a whole lot brighter, without all of the brightness going in your eyes.


The Bravo has a midsize frame with Steady Lock technology to avoid smudging greasy prints on the lens when changing them out. This pair came with a brightening low-light lens, plus a darker mirrored Happy Lens for bluebird days—perfect for the unpredictable weather of the East. I wear them with a Smith Variance helmet and they tuck nicely under its brim. The Bravo comes in a ton of different color combos, but I opted for the stealthy Masked Green frame and the Happy Bronze with Green Spectra lens to embrace my artistic inner ninja. – Karolyn, Communications Coordinator


Visibility is great with the Spy Happy Lens. Colors pop a lot more, making it easier to see while skiing, even on flat light days. Sometimes it’s fun just to wear them at my desk – I’ve even seen my boss wear them at his computer before. As for fit, the frame fits my helmet really well and doesn’t cause the infamous “gaper gap.” Bravo gets two thumbs up from me!  – Amanda, Marketing Manager


First things first, the Marbled Purple frame is a combination of my favorite colors, purple and blue, so I spotted this pair immediately; they also go with all of my ski outfits (because that is important). This goggle fits my face well and allows me 180-degree unobstructed visibility with its spherical lens without giving me “bug eyes.” The Marshall eliminates the two biggest issues I have with goggles, fog (the anti-fog lens is for real) and helmet gap (compatible with the variety of helmets I tried on while searching for a new one this season).  – Sunny, Internal Marketing Coordinator


The Mountain Motif frame and band were designed by Danny Larsen—I get tons of compliments on them. The lens has never once fogged up on me despite some interesting weather this year and the frame fits with my Smith Holt helmet perfectly. A tight goggle/helmet seal is always a bonus on those sub-zero days. The silicon ribbing on the inside of the strap means that I never lose my goggles off the back of my helmet, no matter how nutty I’m being on the chairlift. The best part? 100% UV protection means my goggle tan is going to be on point this season. Score! – Sam, Snow Reporter


It’s all about the Happy Lenses—they boost visibility, make flat days better, and are just as good when it’s bright. The Ace is a midsized goggle with easy Quick Draw lens changing technology, but the versatility of the Happy Lens means changing lenses less. – Nick, VP of Sales and Marketing


To get your very own pair of Spy goggles, visit Sunday River Sports. You may even catch the Spy crew on the slopes for a goggle demo.

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