Not a Burger: Your Food Court Guide

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While we all have our traditional food court fixes—fries with barbecue sauce, slices of pizza, and crispy chicken fingers—it’s not always the best fuel for a day on the slopes. Luckily for you, the Sunday River Food Courts specialize in not-your-average ski day meals if you know where to look.

Barker Lodge
As home base to locals and ski racers alike, it’s not surprising that the Barker Food Court is also known as the ski bum’s eatery. Grab a mug at Barker Bar before noshing on delicacies from the mac and cheese or hot dog bar, a kale and beet patty from the flat top, or a brie and granny smith apple sandwich. This totally classes up your classic burgers, fries, and chocolate chip cookies (which are also available because, well, yum).

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South Ridge Lodge
For the health nuts among us, the salad bar in the South Ridge Lodge is nothing to scoff at. You’ll find quinoa salads, tabouli, and rotating local, wicked fresh ingredients ranging from cheeses and nuts to veggies and proteins. Pair your salad with a cup of soup or a fruit and yogurt parfait. There’s plenty of gluten-free and vegan options, as well as daily wrap and grill specials to sink your teeth into.

We’d be remiss to leave out Cilantro, Cho Sun, and Coffee Hound, though they’re not exactly in the Food Court itself. At Cilantro, B.Y.O.B. stands for build your own burrito, with tons of homemade salsas and sauces to choose from. Coffee Hound makes delicious caffeinated beverages, as you would expect, but their mini donuts are to die for. And Cho Sun? No contest. Who says you can’t have sushi on a ski day?


Peak Lodge
The Peak Lodge is considered legendary for its views, but the food (and full bar) come in close second. There’s a spud station where you can top a baked potato with just about anything and a wok with various sauces to splash on your noodles. And though it’s not exactly nutritious, the Peak Lodge is home to epic sticky buns.

Just a stretch away from the Peak Lodge Food Court is The Mountain Room, an all new on-mountain eatery. Pop in to try a selection of small plates, toasts, salads, boards, and sandwiches from Chef Harding Lee Smith.


If these tidbits hit the spot, then feast away on the food court and base lodge delicacies. But remember, it’s okay to indulge in the pizza and fries too!

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