Food Face-off: Crêpes

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Northern Lights vs. Coffee Hound

If you’re looking for a morning energy boost, an afternoon pick-me-up, or a sweet treat, crêpes are the way to go. On opposite sides of the mountain, live two cafés to fulfill all your crêpe desires. Sweet, simple, and savory, they have it all. We went to both Northern Lights at The Jordan Hotel and Coffee Hound located in White Cap Lodge to put their crêpes to the test.

Extra Sweet:

Northern Lights: Nut ‘n Butter

A melt in your mouth combination of nutella and peanut butter cups.


Coffee Hound: Nutella & Banana

What some would say is the perfect match: nutella and bananas, wrapped into a warm crêpe, with powdered sugar to top it off.



Northern Lights: Cinnabon

Simple and sweet, with an extra crunch from small cinnamon pieces.


Coffee Hound: Cinnamon Bun

A classic cinnamon crêpe. Buttery and sweet.



Northern Lights: The Oinker

Blueberry BBQ pork, onion, quinoa, and spinach. This is a filling and delicious combination of flavors.


Coffee Hound: Let it Brie

Still a little sweet with the raspberry jam, but with the addition of brie and walnuts, there’s a nice savory, crunchy twist.


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