Frozen Rush Cocktail Pairing

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We all know that Red Bull gives you wings, but to stay grounded long enough to watch the Frozen Rush premier on NBC on Saturday, January 30, we’ve come up with a list of the five best Red Bull concoctions. Tune in at 1:30PM EST for all the on-snow head-to-head racing you can handle. BRRAAAP. Let’s begin.


Classic Vodka Red Bull
Pour 2 oz. of vodka and one can of Red Bull for this kick-in-the-pants caffeinated cocktail. Wikipedia tells us it’s popular for the 20- to 50-year-old crowd at the clubs, so it’s perfect for your couch too.

Jager Bomb
Grab a shot of Jagermeister’s finest and a pint glass of Red Bull. Drop the shot glass into the pint glass (carefully) and chug (not so carefully).

Matador Margarita
Take 1 oz. of tequila, a splash of Triple Sec, frozen lime-flavored margarita mix, and a splash of Red Bull and throw it into a blender. Salt the rim, and have a Frozen Rush fiesta.

Winged Wine Spritzer
Take a dry white wine, add a splash of Red Bull, and a handful of frozen fruit of your choosing to cool down this fizzy drink. You’ll feel classy and energized.

This non-alcoholic bev mixes 4 oz. of Red Bull with 4 oz. of mango juice, and a splash of lime. Pour it over ice and let the natural buzz hit your mental target.

If you’re less than confident in your own drink mixing abilities, leave it to the professionals at the Foggy Goggle. They’ll sling drink specials and give you delicious deals on food during Frozen Rush, followed by Bud Light Music Series performances from Hit the Bus and the Primate Fiasco. As always, drink and party responsibly.

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