How to: American Pride at the WOW Party

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American Pride. The party I’ve you’ve been waiting for all year. Yes, I’ll admit it. WOW Peak Party is my favorite event of the year. Sorry Parrothead fans, this one takes the cake for me. But how do you dress for this one? Well, I put together a few costume concepts. You can steal them. You can change them. You can plan on doing all of them and then end up forgetting about the whole thing until it’s the night before and you find yourself pacing the aisles of Rite Aid, scanning for anything that comes in the colors red, white or blue. (That’s more than likely where I’ll end up).

The Olympic Torch Carrier

The Torch carrier isn’t technically an Olympic athlete, but sometimes they were at one point. Other times they’re just super cool people (or at least the home country thinks so). But without them, we would miss out on a major tradition. And an even better costume idea.

track jacket sweatband torch

First, you need the jacket. And let’s face it, we are either guilty (or know someone who is) of the track suit still hanging in the back of the closet for the last few decades. With a little time and energy, get that baby all bedazzled up with a few flag patches and rhinestones spelling out “USA” on the back and you’re good to go. The red, white, and blue sweatbands are perfect for an extra accessory. This lovely toy Lady Liberty torch not only ties the costume together, but serves as a perfect light source for the Chondola ride up and back down.

The Champion Swimmer

Phelps cap

swim shorts swim towelswim goggles

Shirt not required. But it is winter. Also, the swim trunks may be a bit on the baggy side for a competitive swimmer. But I repeat, it is winter. 

The Boxer

american robe boxing gloves boxer shorts

This doesn’t need much of an explanation. Shirts not required again? Oh, man. What am I creating? Uhh, right. A good time.

The Gymnast

glitter outfit scrunchie ribbon wand

Body/hair glitter? Check. Leotard? Check. Scrunchie? Check. Rhythmic ribbon wand? Oh, you better believe it! You can’t tell me you wouldn’t have the most fun in the whole party wearing this.

For more information on White Out Weekend or to purchase VIP Passes (grants access to both WOW parties, including the American Pride party) or to reserve a spot at the American Pride Party, visit

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