How to Ski Well Into Your Golden Years

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No matter your age, skiing and snowboarding takes a toll on your body. But if you want to keep having fun on the slopes, it’s important to stay young and fit—both mentally and physically. Here are a few ways to keep your mind and body happy, healthy, and slope-ready.

Get out as much and as often as you can.

No amount of hitting the gym can work the exact muscles used during skiing and snowboarding. The more you make it to the mountain, the better your body will feel throughout the season.

Be active.

You don’t have to be Crossfit buff, but choosing an active lifestyle is extremely helpful. It’s as easy as a daily walk, weekly yoga class, or taking the stairs over the elevator.


Roll out your muscles.

Whether you use a tennis ball, foam roller, or a rolling massager, it’s important to release tension from your muscles. Key areas to focus on are the arches of your feet, your calves, quads, and lower back. Make sure you also pay attention to any other tight areas for the best results.

Stay hydrated.

Water really is the answer to everything. Sick? Drink some fluids. Hungry? Take a few sips. Tired? Slug a cold glass. It’s just as critical for a day on the hill, though a few more bathroom breaks may be in order.

Protein, protein, protein.

A bagel is a quick and convenient breakfast, but it doesn’t always keep you full or energized for long. Eggs, Greek yogurt, peanut butter, and other protein-packed foods will give you more of what you need for a long, hard day of skiing and snowboarding.

Enjoy après.

Having fun is what it’s all about, so let yourself indulge in that well-deserved beer or cinnamon bun at the end of the day. Unwinding is just as essential as staying active!


Have a ski buddy. Or 10.

Skiing with a friend or a group can make the day that much more enjoyable. You’re less likely to think about being achy and tired later if you have a good group pushing you to the limit.

Go at your own pace.

As great as it is to ski with friends, you have to listen to your body. If you know that your knees don’t like the moguls, crushing them like grapes might not save your legs for more runs.

Choose the right equipment.

The technology in newer gear might be what eases the pain. Go see a good boot fitter, get a ski or board that fits your abilities and terrain desires, and get out there. It’s amazing what having quality equipment will do for your day.


Did you know that people who smile and laugh more report being happier overall? Positivity is a big part of feeling good, so as you’re barreling down the mountain, let your pearly whites shine! It might just give you the extra oomph to catch last chair.


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