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It’s not every day that I’m asked to get naked, oiled up, and massaged for work, but, hey, I’m always down for a new experience. So, when given a choice between a body treatment, pedicure, or massage during an otherwise uneventful day in the office, I was holding back massive amounts of excited giggles as I was told I’d be heading up to the Jordan Spa at the Jordan Hotel for a massage.

As someone who doesn’t generally indulge in these kinds of treatments, I was careful to choose a massage that would help me unwind, but wouldn’t leave me limping out the door with that hurts-so-good feeling. And though ‘classic’ is sometimes associated with blasé, the Classic Swedish was anything but, unwinding my muscles from frenzy to freedom.

I generally spend at least two hours on skis per day, meaning my body is achy and full of knots most of the time, and there’s only so much a good stretch or foam roller will take care of. My attentive masseuse, Sam, was diligent, taking my on-mountain occupation, a recently healed elbow fracture, and any sore spots into consideration as she worked through the kinks.


And work them out she did. Starting from the feet and moving her way up, she could tell where my problem areas were instantly. A tight right quad got a little more attention than the left, while a large knot in the left deltoid received extra care. When I rolled over for Sam to begin on my back, I was nervous, as this is always tender after a day of skiing. As the minutes rolled by, I felt the stress and tension leave my lumbar and was relaxed to the point of exhaustion, dozing off here and there as she worked her magic. (Sorry for the drool, Sam).

After pulling the blanket over me once more, she told me that our hour was up, and that she would meet me in reception. I was devastated, as I could’ve laid there for another twelve hours and been perfectly content. But I labored through my relaxation high to put my clothes back on, and was met with a tall glass of water. The only thing that might’ve made this better would have been a post-massage pint of beer, but I hear that’s not great for flushing out the toxins. Go figure.

To get your relaxation on with any number of treatments at the Jordan Spa or Summit Health Club, call 207-824-5328.


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