New Year. New Course.

The Tough Mountain Challenge (July 23) is not for the faint of heart and this year’s course is no exception. With a new route from South Ridge to the bottom of WTF, plus five new obstacles to tackle, our 3,500 preregistered racers are in for a dirty, smelly, sticky treat.

Sixteen obstacles dot the course, and while we’re happy to see classics like Bust N Burn; the Slip, Slide, and Die; and the Barker Pond Hop, we’re also pretty stoked for new challenges at TMC. Let’s take a look:


Cage Choker
You’ll approach cage Choker after conquering the depths of Shoe Sucker and blast of snowguns in Hurricane Valley. But, if you’re afraid of small spaces, beware. This one is a claustrophobic’s nightmare.

Border Invasion
The first of the obstacles on the new course re-route to Ridge Run, Boarder Invasion blocks your way from crossing. But rather than let that stop you, it’s time to go up and over to continue on.

Mystery Obstacle
It’s a secret, but you may want to layer up.

Shawshank Redemption
If crawling through a cold damp tunnel sounds creepy, you may want to turn around before reaching Shawshank Redemption, because this dead end that you’ll have to find your way out of will definitely give you shivers.

Muddy Happy Ending
Rather than letting you rinse off with a Slip, Slide, and Die finale, you’ll take one finale dip in the mud before your Tough Mountain Challenge is complete. Don’t worry, the showers are in the parking lot.

For the full list of obstacles, visit And don’t forget to book your TMC weekend lodging to experience the full event, starting with the Big Ass Bash on Friday night, and the Mini Mountain Challenge on Sunday.

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