New Year’s Resolutions: Family Edition

December 31, 2015 in Family Time - No Comments

As Sunday River’s snow reporter, it’s usually my job to tell you guys what’s going on at the mountain. However, I took a break from reporting to ride the lifts with a few families and find out what they’d like to do a little differently in their lives in 2016. As a special treat, I got to ask a few members of my own family what their New Year’s resolutions were on a lift ride to the top.

The Robbins Family from New Jersey

1.Robbins Family - Resolutions

Dad: Simplify and enjoy.
Mom: Opt outside!
Daughter: Go camping and sleep outside. Every night.
Mom: Every night?!?

The Norris Family from Massachusetts

2.Norris Family - Resolutions

Mom: Ski faster to keep up with my kids.
Son: Ski White Heat!
Dad: Take better care of my body so I can do more fun things.
Son: Because of your hip?
Dad: Yes, because of my hip.

My Family from Maine

3.My Family - Resolutions

Tina: To ski with my cousins and tele-ski more.
Dad: To ski in Utah this spring! Will that get you in trouble?
Me: Probably.
Dad: What’s your resolution?
Me (after reviewing the picture I’d just taken): To not have so many chins!

All respectable resolutions, if you ask me. Cheers to 2016! If you’d like to ring in the New Year with your Sunday River family, you can enjoy New Year’s Eve celebrations at South Ridge Lodge, the Peak Lodge, the Foggy Goggle, and Sliders.

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