Our Favorite Trails This Week

January 11, 2018 in Inside Look, Slope Stories - 1 Comment

Fun fact: We don’t always sit behind our computers all day long. As an added bonus of working at Sunday River, that means we are able to take in all types of terrain, trails and conditions whenever we can. This week has brought warmer temperatures and softer snow, and we are loving it. Here’s our list of our favorite trails this week.

Trail Signs Lolla

“A non-stop cruiser down Lollapalooza is one of my favorite ways to spend an afternoon on the hill.” – Nick Lambert, Team Snow

[vimeo 250516199 w=640 h=360]


Trail Signs Northern Lights

“Thanks to an early room, the 3” of fresh snow made for smooth, buttery turns all day long. I even found untouched stashes on skier’s right midday.” – Shelley Bowen, Team Snow


Trail Signs Obsession.jpg

“A wide open, steep trail perfect for an early day run and a confidence boost. If you’re looking for a trail with less people for those fast and loose turns, look no further.” – Alex Malloy, Team Snow


Trail Signs AmEx.jpg

“My favorite part of American Express is that most people ski Risky Business from the top of Spruce Peak. AmEx is a little hidden gem where you can always find fresh tracks.” – Noah Tanguay-Collins, Team Snow


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  • Fazil March 19, 2018 at 12:07 pm

    Hi, I’ve a question about the Lollapalooza trail. My 4 yer old girl can easily ski green trails at the base like Sundance, double dipper, mixing bowl etc. Is lollapalooza wide and not steap? I want to take her to a long trail that is green, not steep, and not narrow. I’m thinking of staying at Jordan bowl if Lollapalooza meets this criteria. Please recommend. Thanks

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