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September 30, 2016 in Inside Look - 2 Comments


We have a limited number of chairs from our former South Ridge Triple and Double lifts available for purchase. Turn that sucker into a lawn ornament, a swing set, or your very own elaborate quilt rack—we won’t judge.

All you have to do is call our team at 800.543.2754 and let them know that you’re interested in buying a chair. They’ll take down your name and payment information and tag your chair like a Christmas tree so that it’s reserved for you and you alone to pick up. (Read as: we will not ship or deliver these to you. You must have a way to move it from point A to point B before December 18, 2016). The cost is $250 for a double (80 available; weighing 185 lbs; 8.5 feet tall; 4 feet wide) and $300 for a triple (45 available; weighing 215 lbs; 8.5 feet tall; 5.5 feet wide). You can pick up your chair between 9AM and 4PM daily.


These chairs are available on a first come, first serve basis until they’re gone (heads up: they’re gone now). They are weathered, a little dirty, and have not been refinished for a really, really rustic feel, but once you dust off the cobwebs, you’ll be able to add your own personal touches. Plus, if you prefer a different available chair to the one we tagged for you, you’re free to swap it out. We’re certain they’ll move fast, so hop to it!

On a related note: many of you have asked about purchasing chairs from the Spruce Peak Triple. We don’t intend to sell those seats—they’re resting easy in a better place.

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  • Deb September 30, 2016 at 10:19 pm

    Wow, those sold out quickly!

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