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Each of Sunday River’s eight peaks has a distinct personality and craves certain types of skiers and snowboarders. We’re no matchmakers, but if our peaks were looking for love online, we’re pretty sure this is how they’d do it.

White Cap
Height: 2,425’
Looking for:
Challenge and adventure-seekers.
My friends describe me as:
Steep, deep, and classic.
My perfect date: Picture this—there are a couple inches of fresh snow for shredding Shockwave, hitting Chutzpah, or cruising the Heat. But it won’t be as hot as those turns you’re cranking out.
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Locke Mountain
Height: 2,570’
Looking for:
Tradition, a love of history, and athletic.
My friends describe me as: Old school and competitive.
My perfect date: Let’s see now. There’s certainly a chill in the air and T2 and Monday Mourning are crisply striped and race-ready. We may venture off course for natural terrain like Bim’s Whim and Crossbow after a few spins on the Triple. We’re not in a rush unless it’s a race, right?
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Barker Mountain
: 46
Height: 2,540’
Looking for: Variety, center of attention, and a goggle tan.
My friends describe me as:
Tried and true, life of the party, and spontaneous.
My perfect date: It’s springtime, so you’re in something bright and short-sleeved for the warm temps. Between the laps on Right Stuff’s corn snow and the drinks on the Barker Bar deck, we’re gonna be feeling real good.
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Spruce Peak
Height: 2,690’
Looking for: Slow, steady, and diverse.
My friends describe me as:
Laid back and ready to cruise.
My perfect date: It’s all about the conversation riding up the Spruce Triple. Then, we would warm up with some long, cord-ridden groomers like American Express and Risky Business before using the next lift ride to scope out lines on Gnarnia, and huck away into the sunset.
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North Peak
Height: 2,140’
Looking for: A healthy appetite for sticky buns and park features.
My friends describe me as:
A foodie, park rat, and more than just the basics.
My perfect date: We’d get cozy in a cabin on the Chondola, then grab grab lunch at the Peak Lodge. When we finally shuffle our way out the door, we can cruise our way down Dream Maker until T72 calls our name.
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Aurora Peak
Height: 2,765’
Looking for: Explorers and escapists.
My friends describe me as:
Guarded and varied.
My perfect date:
It’s important that we get first tracks on Airglow and Black Hole’s steep pitches before ducking away into the trees for some alone time with Celestial. Ahh, peace and quiet.
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Height: 3,150’
Looking for: Thrill-seekers and loners.
My friends describe me as:
Natural, gnarly, and ready to explore.
My perfect date: There’s no need to ease in when fresh tracks are at stake. After a foot of snow, we’d drop into Poppy Fields and lap until our legs can’t take it anymore. Boundary-to-boundary is where it’s at.
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Jordan Bowl
Age: 22
Height: 3,090’
Looking for:
My friends describe me as:
Big, bold, and beautiful.
My perfect date:
On a clear day, we’d take in the views of Mount Washington on Lollapalooza, cruise big, windy carves on Rogue Angel, and get after it in Wizard’s Gulch before grabbing lunch on the Sliders deck. Who wants a Jordan Bloody Mary? I do, and so do you.
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