Peak2Peak: This is How We’d Do It

The MEMIC Peak2Peak Challenge has been postponed until next summer. Check for updates on the 2017 event at 

Sunday River’s newest event on September 10, the MEMIC Peak2Peak Challenge, tasks racers with tagging each of our eight peaks for $2,300 in cash prizes. But here’s the catch: there’s no set course. You can literally go wherever you want, as long as you start and end at South Ridge. But that seems daunting, right? We’ve sent out our best sleuth (a.k.a. our intern, Trent) to scope out the fastest routes for individuals, teams of two, and teams of four.

One Man Show
If you’re competing as an individual, you’re a pretty serious trail runner or hiker. With this route, you’ll travel just shy of 9 miles, with a max elevation gain of 3,435 feet. First prize is $250, second is $150, and third is $100 for both the male and female categories, so get moving.


Teams of two will divide and conquer before meeting up at North Peak to cross the finish line at South Ridge together. These two-fers are competing for the chance at $300 for first prize, $200 for second, and $100 for third. Runner 1 can hike the Jordan to North Peak route, a total of 6.72 miles and an elevation gain of 2,828 feet.Runner 2 can hike the White Cap to North peak route, covering 4.93 miles and an elevation gain of 2,270 feet.


Quad Squad
You and your squad know how to work as a team, especially when there’s $600 on the line for first prize, $400 for second, and $200 for third. Some of these routes will overlap, so use your teammates for pacing while you run.

Runner 1 can tick off Jordan, Oz, and Aurora before heading to North Peak, covering 6.55 miles and gaining a max elevation of 2,735 feet, while Runner 2 covers nearly 3.5 miles hiking to Spruce, and hitting an elevation gain of 1,901 feet. Runner 3 hits Barker Mountain, covering 3.62 miles, and gaining a max elevation of 1,670 feet, and finally, Runner 4 will hit Locke Mountain and White Cap, traveling 4.3 miles and gaining 1,928 feet in elevation.


Remember, you and your teammates must cross the finish line at the same time, so be sure to keep in touch with them using the free MYLAPS app, which will give you a predictive time and show live athlete tracking on-hill.

Your next steps? Sign up. Get training. And show us your routes!

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