Perfect Day: Beginners Edition

Everyone deserves a perfect ski day on the slopes, regardless of your ski level. Take a look at our mapped out perfect day for skiers and riders, who enjoy the good ol’ green circle.

First, park your car at South Ridge Lodge, come early to get the closest parking spot, or take the shuttle from a lower lot. Fuel up with some coffee and donuts from Coffee Hound, then gear up and head out for some fun turns.


If you haven’t gone out in awhile or have never been, the first place to start is the Sundance Learning Area. This is a surface lift that brings you up the perfect learning slope, your feet don’t even have to leave the ground! Once you feel comfortable on Sundance, you can work your way up to the South Ridge Express.

The South Ridge Express will bring you halfway up North Peak. From here, there is plenty of access to green terrain. For your first run, take a right off of the lift and ski down the first half of Broadway and connect onto Sundance. Doing so, you will start off higher then the surface lift, but be able to ski down to Sundance for some familiarity at the end of your run.

Once you’re feeling good, it’s time to explore. Take Mixing Bowl, Double Dipper, Spectator, and Northway to cruise your way around South Ridge.


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After you have covered all of that terrain, head up the Chondola for a full run down North Peak taking Second Mile to Dream Maker. Dream Maker is an awesome run always in the sun, wide, and ready for you to concur! Once you complete Dream Maker you can be ready to explore the rest of the mountain and leave your comfort zone.


Next, you can venture to White Cap. Take the South Ridge Express up, and ski down Lower Lazy River. Keep your speed up to make it over to Road Runner for a connector run down to White Cap. Once you have arrived you can take Little White Cap Quad up, and ski down Green Cheese to Moonstruck and wave at the guests swimming and skating at the Summit Hotel.


Next, take the White Cap Quad up for a fun s-turn trail down Bear Paw.


Now, it’s time to head to Barker. From the base of Bear Paw ski over to the Barker Mountain Express. Once you’re at the top, you get to enjoy 3 full miles of skiing in just one run by taking the Three Mile Trail. At the end of Three Mile Trail continue straight onto Second Mile and down Dream Maker.


Woohoo you made it! Ready for more?



Head up South Ridge Express and take a right to go over to Spruce Peak Triple. Once you make it to the top of Spruce you will take a series of trails to reach the bottom of Jordan Bowl. Take Sirius and stay straight to Cyclone and down State Fair.



Now you get to ride the Jordan Bowl Express for the best views and amazing laps down Lollapalooza, you can even see Mount Washington, the tallest mountain in New England. Lollapalooza is a super fun and long run to enjoy.

Feeling tired? Now it’s time to head back to South Ridge by either ski or shuttle back to the car. To ski, take a left off of the top of Jordan lift on Kansas to Lights Out, then down Second Mile and back to Dream Maker.

And, just like that, you have tackled the green terrain across the mountain. Please note, this may take longer then one day.

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