Perfect Day: Blue Cruisers

Do you ever want to just hit the slopes and cruise some blue trails for the day? Well, luckily at Sunday River we have the perfect trails to do so, and we are going to tell you how. So, tune up your skis, stretch it out, and head for the slopes to carve it up. Follow our Perfect Day: Blue Cruisers Edition to rip up some of the best blue trails east of the Mississippi. Get to the slopes right at open (9AM weekdays and 8AM weekends and holidays) so you can carve up the freshly pressed corduroy.

White Cap

First park your car over by White Cap, or ski out from the Grand Summit Hotel. Hop on the White Cap Quad and head uphill. Take a left off the lift and rip it up on Jibe. Once the trail splits you can either go across to Heat’s On or carve up Lower Tempest. Personally, we enjoy working for the turns on Lower Tempest with the gradual rollers. Ride back up on the same lift to cruise down Cascades to Barker Mountain Express.


Barker Mountain

Snag a waffle at the Waffle Cabin before enjoying the high speed quad up Barker Mountain. From here, take a left off the lift and slash up the snow on Ecstasy. Once you reach a fork take a left and enjoy the wide run down Sunday Punch. Head back up the Barker Mountain express and go straight when getting off the lift for the fun cruising run down Lazy River. Before you keep going to North Peak, turn down Risky Business to head to Spruce Peak Triple.


Spruce Peak

Now it’s time for some fun on Spruce. Take the lift up and don’t forget to turn around and enjoy the view from behind. Slice through the snow on Risky Business for the full run and head back up the lift again. Take a right off the lift to crank some turns on American Express. Continue down to Tourist Trap and connect onto Easy Street to end up at South Ridge.


North Peak

Hop on the Chondola and rest your legs in a cabin on the way up. Once you’re at the top shred your way down Grand Rapids and connect to Tourist Trap again, but stay left onto Outta Here. This will bring you back to South Ridge. Take another ride back up the Chondola. Stop at the North Peak lodge for a snack or drink to refuel before continuing your journey. Now lay your turns over on Escapade and take advantage of the wide trail for big turns. Take the Chondola up a third time and go left off the lift. Ski down Lower Downdraft and back to Spruce Peak Triple.


Aurora Peak

Head up Spruce Peak Triple to work your way over to Aurora. Take Sirius across to Northern Lights and carve your way down to the lift. It’s so fun you’ll have to do it twice. Head back up the lift because you also don’t want to miss the views from the top. Look across at Jordan from the summit because that’s where you’re heading next. Before you get to the bottom of Northern Lights veer left on Firestar. This will bring you to the base of Jordan.


Jordan Bowl

Once you’re at Jordan, it’s time for some fast laps on the Jordan Bowl Express. Enjoy some runs carving up Excalibur and Rogue Angel. Take in the view and practice your turns before working your way back across the peaks or taking the shuttle.


After all that carving, you have now earned a well deserved beer. Head up to the Foggy Goggle and unwind with some après.

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