Perfect Day: Glades Edition

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Is your favorite type of skiing and riding in the trees? If so, this perfect day edition is for you. Follow our mapped out itinerary for a full day in the glades.

Park your car at White Cap Lodge. Fuel up with a crepe and coffee from Coffee Hound before you hit the slopes.

White Cap


Start the morning taking Little White Cap Quad for some nice warm up runs in the trees. From this chair, you can take two runs, one on Starwood and another on Starstruck. Once you feel ready to go, head up White Cap Quad and and ski down Tempest and Heat’s on to hit up White Heat Quad. When you get to the top you can go left or right, either way you will have to do it twice so you can check out the awesome tree runs on Hard Ball and Chutzpah. Once you have gotten your fill of those two double blacks, take White Cap Quad and head over to Barker.

Barker Mountain


Once you have made it to Barker, ride up the Barker Mountain Express. From here you can go straight off the lift and down Lazy River. Lazy River will pop you out right at the top of Last Tango. Now, it’s time to dance between the trees. Find your line and work your legs down the awesome glade. Once you emerge out of the woods you will be close to the base of the Barker Mountain Express. Grab a waffle if you need to refuel, and head up the lift again. This time, carve down Agony, and dash into the woods on your left called Hollywood. Once you reach the bottom, stay straight and take Easy Street over to South Ridge.

North Peak


Now that you have made it to the base of South Ridge, pop in a Chondola cabin to take your skis and board off for a relaxing ride up. Take Second Mile ride into North Woods and continue down to Enchanted Forest. Stop and peek into Eddy’s cabin on your way through. When you make it to the bottom you will end up right at North Peak Express. Take the lift up and head down Dream Maker. About halfway down make a left into the woods. Here you will find Yetiville. Explore the trees and take some laps on this fun run. Take the chair up again and carve down Quantum Leap for your next peak.

Aurora Peak


Once you reach Aurora, take a trip up the Aurora Peak Quad. Do some quick stretches and enjoy the view before heading downhill. Rip up the headwall of Airglow and turn right onto Lights Out. This will bring you to the top of Celestial. Now you can dive in. Indulge in the woods and bop your way through the trees before ending up at the lift again. From the top of Aurora, take a right off of the lift and go down Witch Way. This will lead you to Flying Monkey. Enjoy this awesome double black, as you dart between trees. This trail will take you to Cyclone and down to the Oz Quad.



Now its time to bang out some hot laps on Oz. Start from skiers right and work your way over. First off, if you loved Flying Monkey, now’s the time to hit it up again. But, if not head into the narrow trees of Poppy Fields. This is a fun run, but very challenging as the trees start out super close together. For your next tree run, go up the same lift but this time check out Tin Woodsman. Stay to skiers left to get into the trees. Please note, the Oz Quad only runs on weekend and holidays, but you can access these trees from the top of Jordan. Once you have had your fill of Oz, follow State Fair down to Jordan.

Jordan Bowl


The last leg of the journey between trees. Take the Jordan Bowl Express to summit the slopes. Once you get off the lift, admire Mount Washington before heading down. First, take Rogue Angel, and halfway down you will notice an entrance to Wizards Gulch on skiers right. Slash up the glades and head up the lift again. This time, head down Lollapalooza. After the s-turns, you will come across some woods on the right. Work you way in and explore the never ending trees of Blind Ambition.


Just like that, you have conquered the glades of Sunday River. Now, the big question, do you ski back or shuttle?


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  • John February 15, 2019 at 12:51 pm

    Great article! If I’m an intermediate skier looking to get started with glades (with a friend of course!), what glade is best to start with?

    • KyraLynne February 16, 2019 at 6:00 am

      If you’re just getting started we would suggest checking out Enchanted Forest first. Once you feel comfortable with that, Last Tango is the next step up. Bringing a friend is always the right choice! Enjoy!

    • Sasha de Liamchin February 21, 2019 at 9:58 am

      I would head over to Blind Ambition off Lollapalooza. Fantastic intermediate glade run. Have fun and remember….
      Look Good, Feel Good, Ski Good 🙂

  • Bill Mauger February 21, 2019 at 12:52 pm

    The article gave me goose bumps of anticipation. Can’t wait to get up there next week. I was visualizing every move and ride. Hope there’s some pow left for Fred and I to travel through oz. 😉

  • David Littig February 24, 2019 at 5:02 am

    You forgot Emerald City, Super Nova and Northern Exposure.

    • KyraLynne March 7, 2019 at 11:29 am

      Didn’t forget about those guys! Just wasn’t adding every single trail. Glad you know your glades 🙂

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