Pow Day Pics – 2.18.18

In case you didn’t hear, we got a solid 11 inches Wednesday into Thursday. For those of you who called in sick, “worked” from home, or skipped school; we salute you. Otherwise, here are some pictures give you all some serious fomo and to remind you to get your booty on the slopes.

With great powder, comes great responsibility.


Off leash and off piste.

The pow is calling, and I must go.


If there’s one thing I snow for sure, it’s that if the owner of SaltBox can make it out, you have no excuse.

Really après-ciating the powder today.


There truly is nothing more satisfying than a big dump.

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We love big dumps!!! ❄️❄️❄️

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Orange you glad you skipped work today?


Just snow-boating over here.

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Finally the snow is back! Where’s Kelley?

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Glade giggles, because there is snow possible way these puns could get worse.


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