Rainy Day Brews

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In any season, rain can take the promise of an awesome day outdoors to watching your plans wash down the literal storm drain. I won’t say that drowning your sorrows is the way to solve that problem, but an impromptu pub crawl can take your rainy day from blues to brews (or booze) in no time.

Some rules to start:
Always, always have a designated driver when embarking on a pub crawl.
Be sure to hydrate with water between other forms of hydration.
Don’t skip the regular menu. These places have killer eats too.
Tip your bartender. No ifs, ands, or buts.

If you’re staying on-mountain, the natural first stop is at Camp, located in the Grand Summit Hotel. With a variety of beers on draft, including a Downeast Cider tap for the gluten-free folks, Camp’s extra cozy interior will make you feel right at home while you sip your beverage.


Sunday River Brewing Company
The next stop on the access road is the Sunday River Brewing Company. As the name suggests, this is the local-est of local beer around. If you can’t decide which brew fits your flavor, just try a flight that lets you sample them all. Then, when you find something you like, you can take home a growler filled to the brim.



Rooster’s Roadhouse
Walk upstairs to the bar in Rooster’s Roadhouse, grab a bowl of popcorn, and enjoy. While the beer selection is fairly standard, having the choice between sipping from a small mason jar mug or a tall glass makes for a good time had by all. Plus, Rooster’s is the 2016 winner of the Best Bar Menu in the Best of Bethel Awards, so you know this is a good spot to fuel up.

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Suds Pub
Suds has a lot going for it in terms of a rainy day brew destination but there are a few major selling points. Located below the Sudbury Inn, you won’t be dragged down by seeing the rain because the windows are small. They also have the largest collection of  local beers on tap (and by local, I mean all of New England), so the sky is practically the limit. And to top it all off, you definitely feel like you’ve stepped into an episode of Cheers. No wonder they win Best Beer Selection year after year in the Best of Bethel Awards.

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The Funky Red Barn
Ah, the Funky. This is as close to a local hideaway as they come, and depending when you embark on your pub crawl, you may end up at the Funky Red Barn just in time for some late night excitement. With a dance floor, pool tables, and plenty of bottled and draft beers, you’re in for a wild night. Remember that DD? You owe them. Big time.

Have fun, be safe, and don’t do anything mom wouldn’t. Cheers!

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