Red Bull Frozen Rush Gives Super Sunday Wings

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Super Sunday

If there is anything Team Snow can get behind, it’s being a fair weather fan. After all, one of the benefits to living in the mountains and at a ski resort is being able to pick and choose your days out on the hill. Don’t hate the player, folks. Hate the game.

This leads us to Super Bowl Sunday. Had the Patriots beat the Broncos, those of us here in red, white, and blue three-point stance nation might feel differently about needing to park ourselves in front of the telly, even if that would have been our first time doing so all season long. Instead, we were faced with the prospect of hoping that there might be some fun ads on and taking solace in the fact that pitchers and catchers aren’t that far away. That was, of course, before we heard that our Red Bull Frozen Rush event from January 10 was being shown nationally on NBC at 3 p.m. BEFORE the Super Bowl. Huzzah! Pass the beer…

Now we have even more reason to make our way to the Frozen Rush premiere event at the Foggy Goggle on Sunday, February 2 and take advantage of Red Bull drink specials and wings (Get it? Red Bull gives you… wings). There’s also a viewing party at Camp, complete with a special appearance by the Bud Light Girls, which may tip your vote on location one way or the other, though tough call either way—especially given the fun, party atmosphere both locations are bound to have.

If you’ve been hiding under a rock and have never heard of Frozen Rush, we leave you with this video. Spoiler alert: You will see the winner, but in doing so, you will have only have sipped a taste of what will be an extraordinary 16-ounce can of epicness. For the full “gives you wings” effect, tune into the first Red Bull Signature Series of 2014: Frozen Rush on NBC, Sunday afternoon at 3 p.m.

Game on!

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