RFID Ticketing System

February 5, 2020 in 2030 - No Comments

Next winter, we will provide a more convenient skiing and riding experience by installing Axess RFID systems. These new RFID ticketing and gate systems will give direct-to-lift convenience to all guests with an RFID card. Skiers and riders will be able to bypass the lift ticket windows and simply reload lift tickets or renew or purchase season passes online.

RFID is not a foreign system for us all. We use short-range RFID frequency with Apple Pay and long-range frequency when driving our cars through the EZPass lane. So what makes this one different? Well, Sunday River is part of the launch of the world’s first dual-frequency RFID lift access solution, combining both of those frequencies for even faster hands-free lift access. This advanced gate system was developed in partnership with Axess, with the dual-frequency capability being the only one of its kind.

These access gates will utilize a new UHF technology that provides guest-centric benefits.  The gates were manufactured and installed by Axess and each is equipped with a special long-range antenna and RFID (radio frequency identification) reader that detects chip cards such as RFID-enabled lift tickets and season passes.  UHF technology enables a less invasive experience for skiers as compared to the short-range equipment more commonly deployed by ski resorts operating gate systems.  The UHF read range is also wide and early model gates proved a need for greater precision.  The design installed last season by Axess captures that precise read, operated successfully and secured Boyne Resorts’ immediate and long-term plans for UHF solutions across its network.

Stay tuned for more information coming up on our website and check out our 2030 plan page for other new projects happening at Sunday River. We’re extremely excited to install these state-of-the-art RFID systems across our resort next winter and look forward to benefiting our skiing and riding experience.


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