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We can’t have perfect weather every day, or sometimes it is a little too perfect. Here are a few tips on how to be prepared to ski in any type of weather, because, well, we are in Maine.

Powder Day

Put your powder pants on people. When the snow is deep the last thing you want is to have snow go down your pants or back. Bring a jacket that has a powder skirt, and button up. Also, dress warm, but not too warm, because you will be working for your turns.

Windy Day

Stick to the lower elevations. The wind speed is almost always higher up top. Enjoy some runs on South Ridge Express and Little White Cap Quad, because they would be the last to go on wind hold. There is still plenty of terrain to access from those lifts, so go explore trails like Enchanted Forest and leave a note for Eddy the Yeti, or check out Starstruck and Moonstruck over on White Cap.


Chilly Day

When the temps drop it’s time to layer up. But, don’t layer up too far in advance that you are sweating before you walk out the door. Dress warm and wear a face mask so none of your skin is exposed. Also hand and toe warmers are your friend, and only a few bucks.


Rainy Day

Grab your Gore-tex. If people enjoy dancing in the rain, then you certainly can ski in it too. Rainy day runs are more fun then you might think, with soft snow and fun turns. Ride up in the Chondola cabin to stay dry on the ride.


Sunny Spring Day

After a long winter we finally see the bright spring sun. We become so excited we almost forget that the sun can burn, and with the bright snow reflecting the sun onto our fair winter skin, you can burn really easily. So, number one tip for spring skiing, don’t forget the sunscreen.

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