Ski to Sweets

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Ever feel like you’re in the need for a sugar rush while skiing on the slopes? Well, we have lots of options to fill your sweet tooth cravings while skiing. Take a peek at some of our favorite sweets you can ski to right on the slopes.

Hot Chocolate at South Ridge

Fuel up at Coffee Hound a perfectly perfected hot chocolate. These hot chocolates will warm you up and satisfy your taste buds. Don’t forget to say yes to the whip cream!

Waffles at BarkerĀ 

If you don’t feel like wasting any ski time by going inside, the Waffle Cabin is perfect for you. Ski up to order a waffle at the base of Barker, and get it plan or drizzled in melted chocolate. Made fresh, these treats are hot and delicious, and will be gone before you get to the lift.

2018.12.23Kwaffle (1 of 1)

Cinnamon Buns at Peak Lodge

Come hungry to eat a Peak Lodge cinnamon bun. Almost bigger than your face, these things will rock your world.


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