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Ski jackets are oddly important on the hill. You know your people by the hues they’re rocking as they ski towards you. You choose your jacket du jour with care, based on weather, fit, and of course, fashion. Skiing, in addition to being a kick-butt way to stay in shape, enjoy the outdoors, and have fun with family and friends, is one big fashion show. It’s all about looking good.

Out of professional curiosity (and yes, it may have been a slow day in the office), I took to the streets to see what Sunday River skiers and snowboarders are wearing these days. The results were surprising—but then again, true fashion should never be predictable.

Apparently, this mountain is overrun with ninjas. The vast majority of jackets sampled in the Chondola lift line were black–27.3% of the 583 jackets we counted, to be exact. You guys are depressing.

Blue beat out red by a mere 1.6%, with blue weighing in at 18.8%, and red at 16.2% of the total count. We were pulling for the red guys the whole time, but it seems that blue brings out people’s eyes or something. Fashion, you are a fickle mistress.

We could’ve sworn we’d been seeing more red jackets, though…

Green, multi-colored, gray, purple, orange, and white were all in the 4-5% range. Not quite a shocker. What was interesting is that we witnessed two ties: gray and purple were both 5.2% of the total sample while white tied orange at 4.3% each. Looks like we need a tiebreaker. Or should we say tie-dye breaker?

The big losers? Pink, at 2%, and yellow, at a pitiful 1.6%. Pastels in general seem to be having a hard year. Maybe they need to toughen up.

The results are conclusive. That’s what ya’ll are wearing to hit the slopes. You can use what you’ve learned in this article for… well… nothing. You’re welcome.


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