Subaru: The (un)Official Car of Team Snow

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Ok, so maybe our sponsorship with Subaru isn’t set into stone just yet, but we have a feeling it’s going to happen really soon. You’ve probably seen us driving around the resort in our parade of all-wheel drive beauties. It’s a sight to see. It was like showing up to a party wearing the same outfit as someone else. We didn’t plan it. It was simply destiny. As we wait for the contract to arrive from Subaru, we will practice our John Hancock and share a quick bio with you about each of our cars. Let’s get into it.


Year: 2008
Model: Outback Wagon
Color: Granite Gray (I call her “Slate”)
Mileage: Almost 100k
Years owned: Since her birth
Greatest memory: There’s been so many! Driving her cross-country from Colorado with my younger brother probably tops the list. Before our departure I gave him two specific instructions: download as much music as your iPhone will hold and only bring one bag (I was moving back East and needed every square inch for my belongings). The morning of our departure I picked him and his two bags up, and when I asked about music he had ten songs to contribute. From there we took turns driving Slate across the flats of the Midwest, barely making it past Gary, Indiana thanks to pothole the size of my car. Meals consisted of whatever we could find at various truck stops and my beloved co-pilot insisted that with the help of some energy drinks “he could drive all night.” That promise usually lasted about one hour before he was exhausted and needed to find a place to sleep. We laughed, we cried, we sang with Rihanna (again and again and again), and celebrated by birthday at Burger King. All in all, it was the perfect road trip.


Year: 2010
Model: Impreza 2.5i Premium
Color: Newport Blue Pearl
Mileage: 42,167 (I checked this morning)
Years owned: 4 years on April, 20
Greatest memory: Driving my car out of the dealer’s lot for the first time; I did not know how to drive a standard (yet). My mom brought me to the dealership, forgot about my inability to drive it home, and left. Not only did I miss three light rotations during rush hour due to stalling (I was also on a hill—a downward sloped hill. Yes, I was that bad.), it took me over 40 minutes to make the 1.8 mile drive home. I didn’t drive my car again for a week.


Year: 2002
Model: Outback Wagon
Color: Lichen Green. Oh wait, wait, “Cypress Green Pearl.”
Mileage: 187,000ish
Years owned: N/A. Three months
Greatest memory: Well, in our fast and furious love affair, Ethel and I have already encountered a couple of hairy situations, but my favorite was, hands down, the day after Frozen Rush, when we were (okay, I was) hungover and couldn’t get home, thanks to a hellish ice storm. Her tires were spinning, my stomach was turning. She got friendly with some snow banks… That was followed by a lot of hiking and slipping and trespassing. Yeah, it was a bonding experience.


Year: 1998
Model: Impreza Wagon
Color: Green
Mileage: 229,043
Years owned: 6-ish
Greatest memory: The greatest memory I have about my Subaru is that I got it for free. No window smashing, hot wiring, or law breaking required. Seriously, a family friend didn’t need it anymore and just gave it to me when I got my license. I still remember the day I picked her up. She rattled around if you hit 80 mph on the highway and there was no sign of tread left on the tires (I actually went into a snow bank the first night I had her). She needed some work done but she’s served me well and I couldn’t be happier.

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