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January 1, 2017 in Eddy's Guestbook, Family Time - No Comments

Hi! It’s Eddy the Yeti. This is my first time writing for Sunday River’s blog, and I’m a little nervous. To be honest, I’ve never even used one of these fancy digital typewriters. Living in a cave on Old Speck all of those years had its setbacks.


My new house in the Enchanted Forest is beautiful and cozy. But I am so busy in the winter visiting with kids at South Ridge, spending time with Betty, going to Peak Dinners and Black Diamond Entertainment events and doing plenty of skiing, so sometimes, I miss out on visiting with those who come by my house.

The nice folks from Team Snow let me come into the office to use a computer so I could say thank you to all the people who stopped by and signed my guestbook during Christmas and New Year’s Vacation week.

If you plan on visiting Sunday River this winter, stop by my house and sign my guest book! I’ll be posting the entries to The First Chair throughout the season to show my appreciation.

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