The Magic that is the Foggy Goggle Men’s Bathroom

April 3, 2014 in After Hours - No Comments

Disclaimer: Before I begin, I have to clarify that although the title may suggest otherwise, this is a PG-rated blog post. For you parents out there, just know there’s no need to cover your children’s eyes or shoo them out of the room. It’s all good. We’re always keeping it clean over here at Sunday River. Having said that, I can’t promise that this story won’t raise an eyebrow or two. Anyways, let’s get into it.

The Foggy Goggle. Located at South Ridge Lodge, it is one of the many slopeside food and (adult) beverage options here at Sunday River. Great food, great beer, great people, and a deck with a killer view–all of which make après here almost unbeatable. Not to mention, some of the best live music in town. It’s loud, it’s a whole lotta fun, and it’s just what you need after a long day on the slopes.

However, the real story doesn’t come from inside the Goggle, or even from the deck. It comes from the men’s bathroom. It’s your pretty standard bathroom: one sink, one urinal, and one stall. Nothing too exciting, but I’m also not here to review bathrooms. I’m here to tell the story of what happens in the bathroom. Some may see it simply as a coincidence, but I prefer to call it fate.

It all started at the Frozen Rush party back in January. We had spent the day watching eight 900-horsepower Pro-4 trucks rip up and down the slopes of South Ridge at speeds pushing 90 mph. Now, everyone was there to celebrate the conclusion of this epic event, including the drivers themselves. After a few (adult) beverages, I found myself in the bathroom awaiting my turn. Finally, the stall door clicked and swung open and I found myself face to face with Bryce Menzies, the Red Bull driver who had just claimed third place at Frozen Rush hours earlier. No big deal, right? But wait, there’s more. Fast forward to The Dumont Cup, and once again, I find myself waiting my turn in the Foggy Goggle bathroom, post-event. This time, replace the professional truck driver with a professional skier and previous Dumont Cup winner, Mr. Tom Wallisch. It suddenly hit me. This is the exact moment when I realized the power that is held within the Foggy Goggle men’s bathroom.

I didn’t plan on these slightly life-changing events to happen; they just did. You can’t make this stuff up. Was it fate? Of course. There’s no denying that. Did I get your hopes up for a great story then have you come away disappointed? Probably. Is it creepy that I’m telling this story now? Eh, maybe, a little.

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