Winter Words from Around the World

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When you read our daily mountain reports, you’ll notice that we recycle words quite a bit: snow, pow, cord, blanket, flakes, flurries, manmade, natural, freshies. But around the world, there are thousands of words for snow—Heck, the Eskimos are known for having 100. So, what would you think if the snow report hit your inbox like this?

Katty-clean-doors up in here!

This morning, Team Snaw came in to find 6 inches of fresh schnee at South Ridge, and 9 inches of sneachta a the higher elevations. The groomers laid down stripes before the iqwha began to fall, so expect a wicked smooth surface beneath a layer of soft and fluffy daus.

Our lumi-makers had over 200 guns cranking overnight to work in conjunction with Mother Nature, and you’ll see gigantic piles of manmade snijeg on more than a few trails. Be sure to bundle up—the temperatures are perfect for blowing manmade neige out there, so you know our arsenal of zăpadă guns are going to be running all day long.

The snø is perfect for a pair of fat skis to float through the light-as-can-be oram-panala. What are you waiting for? Get out there!

Happy trails!
Team Elurra


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