Year 10: Tough Mountain Challenge

On July 27th we’ll be hosting our 10th Annual Tough Mountain Challenge. This event has come a long way, with every year getting a little bit harder, messier and above all, more fun. You can make a whole weekend out of it with our Big Ass Bash on Friday, Tough Mountain Challenge on Saturday, and Mini Mountain Challenge on Sunday.

Don’t forget, lodging goes quick. We have two hotels right at the ski resort complete with pools, health clubs, spas (think post-race massage), etc., plus a comfortable inn. Lodging is available for Friday or Saturday night.

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Tough Mountain Challenge

Mini Mountain Challenge

Not convinced yet? For year 10, we’re sharing 10 Q&A’s with our Director of Events, Caroline Ochtera:

1. How did you first come up with the idea for the Tough Mountain Challenge?

I’ve always wanted to run an event that pushes the boundaries of the body, mind, soul, and spirit. We wanted competitors to leave here feeling like they had the best time kicking their own ass! We wanted to add another event like the North American Wife Carrying Championship- an event that is not only a blast to participate in, but also a joy to watch.

2. Would you say that the course is more physically or mentally challenging?

It’s a whole bunch of both. It’s different from most mud/obstacle races in the sense that you don’t wait in line for obstacles, so physically there is no rest unless your body breaks. As for mentally, that goes right along with it. You have to ignore the burning sensation in your legs, arms, back, lungs… you name it.

3. What is the most challenging obstacle you have? 

A 1,000 foot climb in a very short distance, called “WTF.” When this obstacle was first introduced, we almost pulled it from the race because the prickle bushes were huge. A coworker climbed it with me to test it. She was wearing shorts and by the time she got to the top, her legs were a hot mess! Needless to say, we kept it and it turned out not only to be one of the hardest obstacles, but the one people enjoyed the most. I’m sure it had something to do with the heavy metal music we were pumping through the speakers from the top!

4. How should people train for the Tough Mountain Challenge?

Any way you want to train. The best part of the Tough Mountain Challenge is that it uses all types of skills including balance, endurance, strength, flexibility, and the ability to overcome challenge. Training for this race can be pretty much anything active you enjoy doing.


5. What can people expect to find at the after party once they have completed the challenge?

Live music, kid games, and lots of good food and drink!

6. Do you think it’s better to compete as an individual or as a team?

As a team, you have to start and all finish at the same time. It’s a great bonding experience, but if you get ticked off waiting for someone, you may want to go on your own.

7. What is the Mini Mountain Challenge for kids all about? Do kids have to be a certain age to participate?

It’s a shorter race for kids ages 4-12. This is a way to get them started early on their mud/obstacle race fever. It usually has five obstacles and is approximately 500 feet in length from start to finish.

8. Are there going to be any new obstacles at this year’s Tough Mountain Challenge?


9. When does the price go up for the 2019 Tough Mountain Challenge?

Our next price increase is set for Memorial Day. We are approaching selling out, so act quick!

10. What makes Sunday River a great location for an obstacle course race? 

The terrain! We have mud, mountains, snow guns, and pipes. Sunday River offers many natural obstacles that define the Tough Mountain Challenge.

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