Your Guide to Springtime

It’s that time of year folks. The sun is high in the sky, the days are warm, and the snow is soft. The joys of spring skiing. But, here in Maine, spring is more than one season. The nights get cold, and the days go from warm to hot to cold again. So here are a few tips on how to handle a spring day in Maine out on the slopes.

Your Outfit Matters –

Layers, layers, layers. The mornings may start off crisp, but by the end of the day you’re sweating up a storm. Dress in layers so you can strip down as the day warms up or layer up as the evening cools off.

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Have fun with it. Now is also the time of year where you can get away with wearing almost anything. Take advantage of the warm weather to dress in your funky old overalls or retro jacket. Style points matter, especially during Pond-A-Palooza.


Pack Sunscreen –

Now, you may think it’s silly to wear sunscreen,  I mean it’s not like you’re going to the beach. But, with your fair winter skin and the bright rays reflecting off the snow, getting a burn is easier than you may think. So play it safe, and come prepared.


Ski a Lot –

The days are filled with never ending sunshine so now is the time to ski all day. Once the season ends, you’ll be sad you didn’t get out there more, so take advantage of the warm sun and soft snow to make your turns.


Have Fun –

The most important thing about spring is, having fun. This is the time of year where you can stay outside and enjoy the sunshine. With events like Spring Fest Weekend, Spring Après Concert Series, Maine Brew Fest, and The Great Tailgate you can make new friends, meet up with old ones, and share a love for sunshine, music, and fun on the slopes.




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